Thapuda Pitha

Odisha has a simple yet unique cooking style that has its own identity and due mostly to fertile plains and humid conditions. The state is a dominant rice-producer, and thus, the cuisine is mostly rice-based. Harvesting season of rice begins in November/December. That is in winter season…After annual harvest festival in Odisha, villagers celebrate to welcome the season’s new rice. In this state, where people still prefer food made on mud chulha as it is more tastier and flavourful than food prepared on Gas stove.
Well coming to the point Odisha is known for its pitha or indigenous cakes such as Poda Pitha, Arisha Pitha, Enduri pitha, Manda Pitha, Muan pitha, Potali Pitha, Chakuli Pitha, Suanli pitha and many more…

Here I will love to share A lost recipe of Odisha…(Coastal Odisha)a healthy, traditional pitha called ‘Thapuda pitha’. Its name is Thapuda because we just tap on it with our fingers so it is called thapuda.

For this Thapuda Pitha (rice pan cake) new harvested boiled rice is used, as in Odisha, generally people eat boiled rice every day.

1) So, for this PITHA new boiled rice to be soaked in water overnight.
(Newly harvested rice has more moisture than older rice, so when it’s cooked it has a more glutinous, sticky, mild sweet and plum texture)

2)In the morning, it is to be ground by grinding stone manually with little water.

3) Then add salt as per requirement and make small balls out of that batter.

4) Now, one “matti palama” is required. (clay tawa, made out of mud called Palama)

5) Heat the palama on a “kattha chuli”/ mud chulha, (clay stove where wood is used as fuel) brush little desi ghee (clarified butter) on it.

6)Put the rice ball on hot tawa and tap on it and spread the batter using your palm by which finger prints will be visible on it ( so it is called Thapuda Pitha in Odia). Apply ghee if required.

7) Once it is done, serve hot with ghee, jaggery, milk and banana or kheer.

Being crispy outside and soft inside, it adds to one’s discerning taste!
In a foggy winter morning, it is very delicious to eat hot..can be served to all age groups